CityRE Labs

With a large quantity, brisk trade and unconstrained sale and rental, the city housing market of China is considered to be the best source for real estate data.

CityRE has built an ecosystem of real estate data by means of technical innovation and innovative marketing mode. By taking down transaction information in the housing market timely, we have collected over 300 million pieces of supply information of 289 cities since 2005. A good ecosystem for supply data allows us to collect millions of demanding data every day from our customers as well as abundant demanding data of sale and rental.

Based on a variety of data sources, our data ecosystem is more comprehensive than that of other channels. It covers sale and rental, supply and demand and all other characteristics of real estate transactions. We purge the common chaos of big data through intelligent processing and mining which ensures our data more orderly and accurate. Meanwhile, we discover the accurate configuration of real estate data, not only its correlation, but also the reason behind.

CityRE has the best experimental environment for real estate data research. We provide data for free to academic and research institutions worldwide, which attracts collaborators from all levels to do research on city planning, tax policy and mortgage management.